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Émilie Coquil is a french ceramic artist based in Montreal. She works with porcelain and digital photography to create original ceramic wall art. Her focus is on the old printing process of lithography that she adapted for clay.

She received a master degree from the Higher School of Graphic Arts and Industries in Paris. After a career in graphic design she moved to Canada to study ceramics and psychology.

In her practice she reaffirms the necessity for a tactile and poetic experience of viewing. Her favorite subject is called ukiyo* in the Buddhist tradition: the evanescent, changing and ephemeral aspect of life.

Her work has been shown at Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and various events in Canada, England and France and is now available at Artêria gallery.

Artistic process

I transform my digital photographs into tactile images updating the old process of printing lithography on clay. In the spirit of the pictorialist movement, I use manual interventions at the printing stage to transform the photograph into a unique work of art and tell a new story.

I take pictures wherever I go, in the streets of Peru, France, England, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Hungary, Portugal, India… and of course currently in my city Montreal.

But the location itself is not the main subject of my work. I am looking for a poetic and ephemeral moment, borrowing marks from life, far from all perfection. It is in this space that I find the beauty, which ultimately makes us human.

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